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GoDaddy SSL Certificate Coupon - December 2016

With cyber crime on the rise, it is becoming more difficult for companies to gain the trust of their customers. Some people are wary of completing transactions online or providing any personal information due to hacker and identity theft threats, and understandably so. If you are a company that relies on its online business to provide the lion share of revenue, then you cannot afford to lose customers online. What can you do to ensure that your customers feel safe on your website?

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The most important security feature you can have on your website is a SSL certificate. This simple piece of software works behind the scenes to encrypt any private information entered by your customers onto your website, including credit card information and personal details. As online scams become more and more sophisticated, you need a way to make your customers feel safe and secure when visiting your website. Go Daddy has two affordable SSL certificate plans that can provide you with the same protection as the larger SSL certificate providers for a fraction of the cost.

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Go Daddy's Standard SSL Certificate offers superior website security for one low annual fee.

For $69.99 per year, you can buy peace of mind in the form of a standard SSL certificate from Go Daddy. The bottom line is that if you have a website, you need an SSL certificate. You might think that if you are not conducting financial transactions over the web, you don't require a certificate, but this is not true. Even if you ask for your customer's email address for your newsletter sign up or to receive daily tips in their inbox, you still need a SSL certificate. All it takes is one tiny bit of information for a hacker to gain access to someone's personal information.

So now that you have established that a SSL certificate is a non-negotiable part of your website, you need to determine exactly what kind of protection you need. Go Daddy has two convenient plans that offer a wide range of options to make sure that you have the security protection in place on your website. With the standard SSL from Go Daddy, you will receive a comprehensive verification process that validates domain ownership and verifies the authenticity of the request. The verification process that comes with the standard SSL certificate plan works quickly behind the scenes so that your customers don't even notice a difference in load time.

This budget-friendly plan offers you all of the SSL certificate protection you need and comes equipped with a verification seal so that your customers know your site is secure. The standard SSL from Go Daddy also comes with a $10,000 warranty to cover any financial losses experienced by your customers in the event the SSL certificate fails to do its job. While this plan is basic and affordable, it does not skimp on the features and benefits. It is the perfect option for anyone looking to beef up security on their website.

Why pay hundreds, or even thousands per year for a SSL certificate when you can have the same features for less through Go Daddy?

Did you know that there is no difference at all between a SSL certificate from Go Daddy and the other top certificate providers in the industry? Well, the only difference is in the price tag, but besides that, you receive the exact same verification process and protection with a SSL certificate from Go Daddy. If you currently use Symantec, Geotrust, Network Solutions, or any other big name for your SSL needs, you need to ask yourself why you are spending so much of your IT budget each year on SSL certificates when you could be enjoying the same exact benefits and saving money with Go Daddy.

Even when you compare Go Daddy's premium SSL certificate at $99.99 per year to other companies, you will still find that you enjoy huge savings and the same advanced security on your website. Go Daddy's premium SSL provides the ultimate in web security by going beyond the standard verification processes to include even more security measures. If your company handles a lot of private customer information, the premium SSL is a must have feature on your site.

Your premium SSL certificate includes the standard verification process, but takes extra steps to ensure that each session is protected and safe. Your customers will see the trusted green bar that indicates your domain has been verified and determined to be safe. The Premium SSL certificate validates physical location, official business records, and domain exclusivity rights to provide the highest amount of security possible. You also have added peace of mind knowing that your customers will be covered for up to $250,000 in financial losses in the event of a SSL certificate failure.

The bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with either Go Daddy SSL certificate option.

So many of the features are shared between the standard and premium SSL plans from Go Daddy. Either plan will provide you with top security measures for your website to keep your customers' information safe from unwanted hackers. If you feel that you need even more protection online, the premium plan is your best bet since it comes with extra protection like DNS security that stops hackers at the initial point of entry. If you anything about hacker activity, you understand that they have many different methods to access private information. The added protection you receive through the premium SSL certificate safeguards your website from all angles.

256-bit encryption with enforced 2048-bit CSR encryption are standard features on both plans, as well as malware scanner, unlimited server coverage, https:// prefix, padlock icon, and 99.9% browser recognition. As you can see, there is no shortage of benefits with the standard SSL certificate from Go Daddy. Your level of website security is completely up to you, but keep in mind that Go Daddy is your ultimate source for SSL certificates, offering the exact same protection for up to 90% less than the other leading providers.

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